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Happy Holidays!

2018 Accessible Gift Giving

AccessWorld 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

by Deborah Kendrick

My goal this year is to find unique gift ideas to share with AccessWorld readers, while paying special attention to a few small business owners who are themselves blind or visually impaired.

Access Issues

A Look at the New Narrator, Microsoft's Built-In Windows Screen Reader

by Bill Holton

With the latest version of Narrator, Microsoft took a giant step forward toward offering a full-function built-in screen reader. We'll take a look at some of the new features and capabilities in this article.

Product Reviews and Guides

Roku Sticks, Players, and TVs: Access to Multimedia Streaming Devices, Part 1

by Shelly Brisbin

Roku's primary advantages are low cost and variety of content, though the Audio Guide is a poor screen reader that isn't supported by all apps. Roku isn't the best primary entertainment choice for people with vision loss.

iOS 12: An Overview from an Accessibility Perspective

by Janet Ingber

It is worth upgrading to iOS 12. This update has new features including Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time and some apps, such as Voice Memos, have new features.

FEER: The Game of Running Blind: a Game Review

by Jamie Pauls

I feel that FEER gives me an experience approaching that of sighted mobile gamers. The game commands are easy to learn, and the unlimited levels make for endless replay value. For $3.99, I don't believe you can ask for more from this game.

Book Reviews

iOS 12 Without the Eye by Jonathan Mosen: A Book Review

by Jamie Pauls

As always, Mosen did his research and presents the information in an engaging style sprinkled throughout with humor. I set out to learn more about iOS 12, and this book provided me the information I was looking for.

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