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Vision Tech: Recent Retinal Research

by Bill Holton

In previous Vision Tech articles, we introduced you to the Argus II artificial retina as well as the more advanced Orion device currently in preliminary human clinical trials. In this article, we will take a look at three other methods that could restore sight for those with retinal conditions.

Access Issues

Looking Back: A Quick Review of Where We've been and How Far and Fast We've come

by Bill Holton

They say the future is coming at us faster than ever, and this is true, even for accessibility. One of the best ways to gain perspective is to take a quick look back at some of the technologies that are now utterly out of date, and just how few years have passed since they were first introduced.

Product Reviews and Guides

Victor Reader Trek: Another Cool Gadget for Your Bag or Pocket

by Deborah Kendrick

At $699, the Victor Reader Trek is for most people not a casual purchase. It is, however, a remarkably powerful and versatile device that could make an excellent addition to any blind person's collection of valuable tools.

ClickList by Kroger Expands Access to Online Grocery Shopping

by Aaron Preece

Kroger has recently launched a service called ClickList, which allows customers to shop online and pick up their groceries without ever entering the store. This article explores the accessibility of the online shopping site as well as the mobile shopping experience using the Kroger app.

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