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Unique Technologies Presented at the First Deaf-Blind International Conference

by Scott Davert

From April 14-18, I had the pleasure of attending the first Deaf-Blind International Conference for the Network of the Americas. Some of the exhibited technology might be of particular interest to those with hearing and vision loss.

Product Reviews and Guides

Game-Changing Technology: A Review of the Horizon Smart Glasses from Aira

by Deborah Kendrick

Even if you have only your iPhone's camera or the original Aira glasses, you can still experience remarkable results with Aira. The Horizon glasses are more comfortable to wear, provide a wider field of vision, can last all day before recharging, and provide an appearance that blends in more than it stands out.

Podcasts to Go: How to Get and Play Podcasts on your iOS Device

by Janet Ingber

There are thousands of podcasts available for download to your iOS device. Chances are there is a podcast for any topic you think of. In this article, three podcatchers are discussed: Apple's Podcasts iOS app, Downcast, and iCatcher!

Book Reviews

Book Review: Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 11 by Anna Dresner

by Bill Holton

Getting Started with the iPhone is an excellent guide to using iOS accessibility. I would recommend it to any new iOS user, or to more experienced users who wish to begin pairing their device with a braille display.

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