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Outstanding Summer Showcases for Technology: ACB and NFB Annual Conventions

by Deborah Kendrick

For blind consumers and assistive technology developers, the NFB and ACB conventions are key events every year. This article is our attempt to bring you an overview of what took place in those venues.

Access Issues

Letters, We Get Letters: Receiving Digital Scans of Your Mail Envelopes Using Informed Delivery

by Bill Holton

If you use an Optical Character Recognition app to identify your mail, the USPS has a new program that may save you the step of scanning your envelopes. It is called Informed Delivery and is available to most residential and select PO boxes in the U.S.

New Standards for Braille Displays are on the Horizon

by Scott Davert

Recently, the USB-IF approved a new HID standard for braille displays. Once implemented, you should be able to plug a display in via USB, and have access to braille with no further effort required.

Product Reviews and Guides

Microsoft Soundscape Adds a New Dimension to Accessible Wayfinding

by Aaron Preece

Soundscape adds a novel dimension to travel and presents a mostly seamless method for understanding your surroundings, particularly in areas with solid maps.

An Evaluation of OrCam MyEye 2.0

by Jamie Pauls

The MyEye 2.0 is the latest version of the OrCam device and is self-contained and more streamlined. In this article, find some thoughts regarding my experiences with the product, and some comments from the developers themselves.

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