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AccessWorld Recognizes the Birthday of Louis Braille

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Blasting Barriers to Creating Affordable Braille: A Review of the Braille Blaster Software from APH

by J.J. Meddaugh

In the year that Braille Blaster has been available, it has become a far-reaching tool for those who produce braille. Although it may lack the extensibility of other paid options such as Duxbury, Braille Blaster provides a means for producing high-quality braille more affordably.

New Operating Systems for the Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV

by Janet Ingber

Changes and improvements make it worth upgrading these operating systems. Though the mainstream features included are helpful, it would be very nice to have some VoiceOver improvements in Apple's next operating system updates.

An Overview of Braille Support on the Kindle Fire Tablet

by Scott Davert

It's very clear that Amazon Accessibility is taking braille support seriously both in terms of feature development and bug fixes. While braille support needs some work, and certainly could be improved upon, I'm encouraged by the fixes I have seen since I last evaluated the Fire tablet.

A New Kind Of Braille Watch: A Review Of The Dot Watch 2

by Scott Davert

The Dot Watch is a smartwatch that contains a 4-cell braille display and can pair with iOS or Android. For users who require the ability to read notifications on their wrist or for those who wish to use braille for privacy reasons, the Dot Watch is worth considering.

The Bradley Timepiece: Is It Beautiful, Functional, and Inclusive?

by Deborah Kendrick

In this month of celebrating braille and all things tactile, I am exploring with you whether or not the Bradley Timepiece is a welcome innovation for readers of braille everywhere — as well as for those who know nothing at all about the six-dot literacy system.

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