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Lee Huffman

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Vision Research

Vision Tech: Corneal Clarity

Bill Holton

If it's true the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the corneas are the windowpanes. This article describes two new breakthroughs that could lead to significant improvements in the treatment of corneal injuries, defects, and disease.

Employment Matters

An Interview with Michael Hingson, CEO of the Do More Foundation

Deborah Kendrick

You may be aware of Michael Hingson, who was led to safety from the collapse of the World Trade Center by his guide dog. In this piece, we will look at his history of employment and the expertise he can share with others wishing to become employed.

Product Reviews and Guides

Voice Dream Scanner: A New Kind of OCR

Bill Holton

The newest offering in the optical character recognition (OCR) space comes from Winston Chen, the developer of Voice Dream Reader and Writer. In this article we’ll start out with a brief conversation with Chen, then we’ll take a look at his latest offering, Voice Dream Scanner.

Job Searching with the CareerBuilder and SimplyHired iOS Apps

Janet Ingber

Part II in our look at the accessibility of popular job search apps. This article takes a look at the CareerBuilder and SimplyHired iOS apps for job searches.

Access Issues

Getting the Job Done with Assistive Technology: It May Be Easier Than You Think

Jamie Pauls

Today, the landscape for accessible computing is rich and the possibilities are endless for anyone who wishes to join their sighted counterparts in using today's technology.

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

Dates announced for the NonVisual Desktop Access Virtual Conference, registration open for the M-Enabling Summit, and more.

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