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In the April 2019 issue of AccessWorld, I reviewed the iOS apps for Indeed.com and Monster.com. Although neither app was completely accessible, Indeed was significantly better.

For this article, I reviewed the CareerBuilder and SimplyHired iOS apps. As with the previous job-searching article, an iPhone X was used for these evaluations.

CareerBuilder Job Search

The CareerBuilder app is free to download and Requires iOS 10.0 or later. The app is Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The first line of the CareerBuilder Job Search entry in the iOS app Store states, “Your job hunt just got easier with CareerBuilder’s Job Search app: Search and apply for the most up-to-date job postings. Use augmented reality to literally see job postings all around you. All at your fingertips.”

Getting Help

CareerBuilder does not offer live help. There is a "Contact Customer Service" link in the introductory email that you will receive once you sign up. This link brings you to their online Help Center. Along with a list of help topics, there is an accessible email form. In my opinion, it is misleading to call it customer service if there is no live help via phone or chat.

Getting Started

Once the CareerBuilder app is downloaded, it will be called “Job Search” on your phone not "CareerBuilder. When you first open it, it will ask you whether CareerBuilder can send you notifications and whether it can use your location. On the next screen are edit boxes for entering information. The first edit box is labeled Job Title, Skills, or Military Occupational Code. The next box is for entering your city, state, or zip code. The next box is a button labeled “Begin your search.”

Beneath this button is a heading to find jobs near you. Then there are instructions to “Tap the map to view jobs near your current location,” but the map is an unlabeled graphic. Beneath the map is an option to view job categories including Jobs Near Me and Work From Home. These jobs are not necessarily related to the job you typed in the edit box.

The Jobs Tab

At the bottom of the next screen are four tabs: Jobs, Résumés, Profile, and Settings. By default, the Jobs tab is selected. The form described above is repeated in the Jobs tab.

The Profile Tab

If you want to post your résumé or apply for a job through the CareerBuilder app, you must first sign up and get an account.

Go to the Profile tab and activate the Sign In button. You will be taken to what looks like a webpage, but is actually within the app. You can sign up with Google or Facebook or create an account.

I chose to create a new account. Whether you sign in with Google or Facebook or create a new account, you will need to enter a job title, commute distance, and salary. Pickers are used to indicate commuting distance and salary.

You can edit your profile at any time, though there is no edit button on the Profile screen. Double tap on the Job title edit box and you will then be able to make changes to any of the profile answers including job title and salary.

Once I signed up, I started receiving emails from CareerBuilder that listed available jobs. As with Indeed and Monster, most of the jobs were not in my field or licensed area. I got many for speech therapist and occupational therapist though I was looking for a position as a music therapist. CareerBuilder did send me a general email about how to improve résumés. This email contained many article links. I read several articles and they were accessible in Safari. The articles contained a great deal of information that is especially useful for a beginner.

The Résumés Tab

Having your résumé with any job search site will help you get recommendations. Be aware that not all recommendations are relevant. As I stated in the previous article, in addition to writing for AccessWorld, I am a board certified music therapist and New York State licensed creative arts therapist. I did get job results for occupational therapists, massage therapists, and physical therapists.

Go to the Résumés tab. CareerBuilder lets you post up to three résumés. Begin by activating the Add button from within the Résumés tab. There will be options to upload, build, or capture a résumé.

If you already have a résumé on your device, you can upload it. I put mine in iCloud Drive for quick access. The Building a Résumé option requires you to fill out a form with the necessary information including contact information and work experience. Capture a Résumé lets you take a photo of a print résumé and then upload it. Personally, I recommend writing the résumé on your device and then uploading it. This is easier than filling out forms. You will need to select the box to make your résumé public so employers can view it.


Within this tab you can manage app settings including modifying notification and location settings and profile contact information. You can also leave feedback and rate the app.

Searching for Jobs

To search for jobs, go to the Jobs tab. The same form that was on the app’s main screen is the main screen in the Jobs tab. Your selected job title and location should appear in the form’s edit boxes. You can change this information if you wish. I changed my information to Activities Therapist because I was not getting many results with my original job title. Activate the Begin Your Search button.

A new screen loads with results. At the top of the screen is the number of results matching your criteria. The only way to review results is by flicking through them. At the top right of the screen is a Filter button. Activating this button brings up a list of sorting options including by relevance, date posted, and distance.

Each result contains the job title, company, location, hours, and when the job was posted. Beneath the result are options to save or share it. Selecting a result loads a new screen with specific information about the job, including agency information, job duties, and experience and education requirements. At the top of the listing are the same options to save and share.

Beneath the listing is a "Similar Jobs" heading. In my case, the similar jobs were not related to my qualifications. At the bottom of the screen is an Apply Now button.

When you save or apply to a job, more information will appear in the Jobs tab under the heading “Your Jobs And Activity.” The only way to get to the heading is to flick right. Underneath the heading are several options: Recommended Jobs, Applied Jobs, Saved Jobs, and Recent Searches. Double tapping on any of these options will load a new screen with your information.


As with Indeed and Monster, there is no way to get live help. There is an email form and a “Help Center." Though CareerBuilder’s app is uncluttered, unfortunately, the only way to navigate most of it is by flicking. If you have headings set up in the VoiceOver Rotor, this option will appear on many screens but does not work.

I found only two results using my search criteria. I found many results that didn't match my criteria, including many for jobs that I am not licensed to perform.


Job Search - SimplyHired is available for free and requires iOS 9.0 or later. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The first lines in SimplyHired’s app store entry are: “Find your dream job on SimplyHired’s top-rated job and career search app for your iPhone or iPad. You can job search within a network of 100+ boards all in one convenient place.”

Getting Help

SimplyHired has a Contact Us link on their website. This link brings you to a form for asking a question. They do not have any kind of knowledge base or live help.

Getting Started

Once the app is downloaded to your device, VoiceOver says “SimplyHired,” when the app is selected. You are never asked to allow SimplyHired to use your location or send notifications. When launching the app, you are immediately placed on the app’s home screen.

There is a search form on the screen consisting of two edit boxes and a Search Jobs button. The easiest way to navigate it is to set the VoiceOver Rotor to Forms. The first edit box is for entering a job title, skills, or company. The second edit box is for your location. My location was already in that edit box. The Back button for getting back to a previous screen is on the bottom left.

In the upper left corner of the screen is a button labeled, “Button Collapsed, double tap to expand.” Unfortunately, the only way to tell if anything happened with the button is to review the screen by flicking and using form controls. The button does not say whether it has been expanded. Sometimes you may need to double-tap the button several times to activate it.

Back on the Home screen, underneath the search form is an option to create a résumé. I activated the Create Résumé link, and nothing happened.

I went back to the button in the upper left corner and activated it. Using forms Rotor navigation, I located a search form at the top of the page. It was similar to the first form except the first edit box asked for keywords and the button for executing the search was labeled Search. Flicking right from the end of the search form is a link for Job Tools. It cannot be found using the link option in the VoiceOver Rotor. Activating this link brings up two options: Local Jobs and Salary Estimator. Activating the Local Jobs link brings up a list of jobs in your area. They are not career specific. There is a Sort and Filter button at the top of the screen where you can choose options such as full time, part time, or commission.

The Salary Estimator link loads a new screen that has a form where you can enter a job title and location and then review the salary information for people in the area with the same job. SimplyHired gave me some results not directly related to my criteria. Below the search form was a Salary Search option. With this search option, activate the link for the minimum salary you want and a list of any job will appear.

Below the Job Tools link is a link to Stay Connected. The only way to get to it is by flicking. Once the link is activated, the next screen has options to view SimplyHired’s blog and to follow the company on social media including Facebook and Twitter. The Back button in the lower left is dimmed. Get out of this page by activating the New Search button in the lower right of the screen. This will bring you back to the app’s home screen. I activated the button in the upper left to go back to the page with the Stay Connected link. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to go, I closed and then reopened the app. This did not solve my problem. Then I took the app out of the app switcher and reopened the app, which worked.

Below the Stay Connected link is a link to Sign In. Activating this link brought me back to the main screen. I could not find anything about signing in or creating an account. With sighted assistance, I learned that there was information about signing in or creating an account on the screen; it was unreadable by VoiceOver. This makes the app unusable, but there is a work around described below. You will have an opportunity to create an account and add a résumé if you choose to apply for a job.

Checking Jobs

It is possible to view jobs without creating an account or submitting a résumé. Enter your search criteria on the main screen or on the second screen’s search form. A new screen will load with jobs. Selecting a result brings up a job listing that includes job qualifications and a description of the employer. Some listings want you to fax a résumé, while many let you apply through the app. Your job title search will then appear on the home screen once you have executed the search.

I decided to apply for a job and was then brought to a page where I could build a résumé or sign in. I signed in with my email address and was told that my résumé was already associated with an Indeed account. I did many job checks and each time I learned that the job was listed on Indeed. I did several different job title searches including special education teacher and music therapist.


This app's accessibility issues make it a poor choice for job searching. Its difficult navigation, nonfunctional controls, and inaccessibility with VoiceOver make it unacceptable. It is much easier to use Indeed.

The Bottom Line

None of the four apps I reviewed—Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and SimplyHired— offers live help. When I apply for a job, I want to get my application in as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait for someone to email me days or weeks later or not at all.

Each app had some navigation and accessibility issues. Indeed had the fewest and CareerBuilder came in second. Monster had many issues and SimplyHired had the most. All of these apps should be completely accessible, but aren’t. This is not acceptable.

My recommendation is to use Indeed. Of the four apps tested, it definitely worked the best with VoiceOver. Also, Indeed emailed me possible job offerings. My second choice is CareerBuilder. Although it had some issues, it is the next-best option. CareerBuilder sent me some job offerings, but not as many as Indeed. Those two apps have a wide range of job listings and are the most accessible using VoiceOver.

This article is made possible in part by generous funding from the James H. and Alice Teubert Charitable Trust, Huntington, West Virginia.

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