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Employment Matters

Employment Matters: Pshon Barret, Assistant U.S. Attorney Now in Private Practice

Deborah Kendrick

It is perhaps the very “normal” trajectory of her success when tracked from college to retirement and second career, that makes it so extraordinary. She didn’t suffer years of unemployment or thousands of resume rejections. Instead, she managed to get the jobs she deserved in a timely manner.

Product Reviews and Guides

An Overview of Apple WatchOS 7

Janet Ingber

Released in September, watchOS 7 offers new accessibility and mainstream features. In this article, we will explore these features in detail and how they can be used.

A Review of the Patriot ViewPoint Wearable Video Magnifier

Steven Kelley

Built around a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, the ViewPoint is comfortable to wear and offers excellent, hands-free magnification for both live viewing and reading.

Vintage Games Series, Part 4: Immerse Yourself in the World of Shades of Doom

Jamie Pauls

Wander the halls of a top-secret lab in this immersive game that was originally released in 2001 and has recently been updated to work on modern computing systems.

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