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Happy Holidays from all of us at AccessWorld. By the time you read this, the winter holidays will be right around the corner or already in process. With not one but two COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the U.S., I sincerely hope that the hardships caused by the pandemic will begin to lessen in the near future.

I'd once again like to thank the AccessWorld authors for their hard work and dedication during this year. They have worked tirelessly to bring you useful and actionable information on technology and vision loss. We hope that you have found the content we have provided interesting and personally useful to you and we are always interested in hearing your comments, questions, and stories. Also, remember that you can always send us your thoughts on various topics not directly related to a given article. Multiple times in the past, a thoughtful letter from a reader on a topic has spurred the publication of an article in AccessWorld.

Also, remember that you can always revisit old issues of AccessWorld using the Back Issues link. Often, even old AccessWorld articles contain evergreen information. For example, many of the various shopping guides we have published in November or December are still relevant and useful today.

This month, Deborah kendrick brings us an interview with Pshon Barret for her Employment Matters column. Barret had a storied career as an assistant U.S. Attorney and she now is employed in private practice.

Janet Ingber brings us a detailed overview of the changes found in Apple's WatchOS 7, which contains several major updates, both in the realm of mainstream and access features. For each new feature, Janet explains how it can be used so you can get the most from these new updates.

Continuing our coverage of head-mounted wearables, Steve Kelley brings a review of the Patriot ViewPoint from Patriot Vision. Compared to the eSight device we reviewed previously, the ViewPoint is a device that uses existing virtual reality hardware instead of using custom equipment. Check out the article for information on this approach to the head-mounted wearable. Again, These devices are becoming more and more common and I am happy that we are able to review them for you in AccessWorld.

Continuing his Vintage Games series, Jamie Pauls reviews one of the first blockbuster audio games, Shades of Doom by GMA Games. Shades of Doom was one of the most complex and deep games of its time and it is still enjoyable today.

Next year will be a major milestone for AFB. In 2021, AFB will have been in existence for an entire century! We are overjoyed to reach this once in a lifetime milestone and have many virtual events planned for the following year. Stay tuned for further information on the celebrations we have planned.

From all of us at AccessWorld and AFB, we wish you a safe, enjoyable holiday season.


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