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Tips and Resources for Coronavirus Quarantine

A compilation of suggestions and information for managing your daily life during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19: Confessions from a Blind Germaphobe

Deborah Kendrick

People with visual impairments are, by default, in more constant contact with people and things than the average person in possession of 20/20 eyesight. We have to touch walls and doors and objects and other people’s hands and elbows. Here are some ideas to lessen the risk.

App Reviews

Assistance May be Right Next Door: A Review of Nextdoor.com

Bill Holton

During the time of the coronavirus, how do you introduce yourself to that new neighbor, or learn about the family around the corner you always meant to introduce yourself to? One way is to join a social network called Nextdoor, which connects you with neighbors in your zip code, subdivision, and/or neighborhood.

Conference Coverage

Highlights From the Much Smaller CSUN 2020 Assistive Technology Conference

Shelly Brisbin, J.J. Meddaugh

We are, as they say, living in unusual times. So, in addition to the customary product highlights from CSUN that we describe each year, we want to share a few things about the experience of attending CSUN as COVID-19 was becoming a reality in the United States.

Employment Matters

Employment Matters: David Van Der Molen, Member Services Associate and Audio Book Narrator

Deborah Kendrick

When I learned that David Van Der Molen was a professional audio book narrator, I knew he belonged in the Employment Matters series. As it turns out, that was only part of a genuinely fascinating and unique picture of employment.

Product Evaluations and Guides

Exploring and Using Apple AirPods Pro

Janet Ingber

The difference between the AirPods Pro and previous AirPods is very noticeable. The sound is significantly better and noise cancellation works well. Transparency mode is a great feature and the AirPods Pro are more comfortable than previous AirPods. For me, they are worth the increased cost.

Accessibility Features in Windows Web Browsers for Low Vision Users

Steven Kelley

Built-in Web browser accessibility—magnification, contrast, colors, and text-to-speech— has significantly improved in recent years. There are some great built-in accessibility features available on popular Windows-based Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

Winners of the Excellence in Disability Inclusion Awards announced, ObjectiveEd provides free access to digital curriculum to teachers, changes to IAAP testing and M-Enabling Summit due to coronavirus.

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