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Spotlight on the Work of AFB

Aaron Preece

A look at the important work AFB has been doing in research and employment for people with visual impairments.

Access Issues

Exciting Changes for the Hadley Institute's Second Century

Janet Ingber

Hadley is an excellent resource if you'd like to learn a new skill, interact with people who have interests in common, or find informative podcasts. The new website is easy to navigate and help is always a button away.

Victor Reader Stream, a Product Worth Considering (Or Reconsidering)

Jamie Pauls

Though you could argue that a smartphone can handle most (if not all) of the functionality offered by the Victor Reader Stream, there are still some sound reasons for holding on to this little media player.

App Reviews

A Review of ClaroPDF for iOS: An App that Makes PDFs More Accessible

Steven Kelley

ClaroPDF is free, simple to use, works well with VoiceOver, and performs best when converting an existing image-based PDF into an accessible PDF.

Product Evaluations and Guides

A Review of the QBraille XL from HIMS Inc., A Braille Display with Elements of a QWERTY Keyboard

Scott Davert

With a few fixes, the QBraille hybrid could be a great contender for the more advanced screen reader user. HIMS has gone to great lengths to design a product that bridges the gap between paradigms, each with an abundance of idiosyncrasies.

Book Reviews

Book Review: When One Web Browser Is Not Enough: A Guide for Windows Screen Reader Users, by David Kingsbury

Bill Holton

Beginner screen access users will benefit greatly from this book, if for no other reason than they'll learn from the start not to rely on a single browser or screen reader. Veteran screen access users may also mine a useful nugget or two about their favorite browser/reader combination. Even better, the book may prove to be just the impetus they experienced users may need to broaden their browser and screen reader horizons.

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