The American Printing House for the Blind revamps APH ConnectCenter, Home of FamilyConnect, CareerConnect, and More

In 2018, the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) took over stewardship of several important information resources that connect people who are blind, or losing their vision, to information and resources. Since then, APH has transitioned websites to APH servers, hired the staff needed to move the program forward, and updated and written new content for users. Lots of changes are still to come, including redesigned websites. Here's what APH has been working on:

FamilyConnect is a place parents and professionals can get support and advice on raising or teaching a child with a visual impairment. Through funding provided by the Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc., the ConnectCenter staff has been hard at work, connecting with new authors to write more blogs and professional articles. APH has teamed up with parents and professionals who will provide not only expertise and information, but also encouragement. FamilyConnect is also using funding from the Lavelle Fund to offer webinars that provide panels of parents and experts that users can engage with through interactive Zoom meetings.

VisionAware is a place for adults who are visually impaired or who are losing their vision, and the people who love and care for them. It's where you'll find information on eye conditions, and blogs about how to use assistive technology, and adjust to life with vision loss. An exciting project coming from VisionAware is "Getting Started 2020: A Guide for People New to Vision Loss." Created with funding provided by the Reader's Digest Partners for Sight Foundation, Getting Started is a resource updated with new information and filled with tips and techniques that will help people learning to navigate vision loss.

CareerConnect is an employment information resource that can help connect job seekers with vision loss to the resources they need to get a job. The APH ConnectCenter is excited to announce the relaunch of CareersWithVision. APH is working with National Industries for the Blind to link job seekers to open positions at NIB associated agencies.

Information and Referral Line

The ConnectCenter I&R line is an 800 number that connects people across the U.S. and Canada with resources in their area. The call line now has expanded hours, taking calls from 8am-8pm EST. Call 1-800-232-5463.


This brand-new calendar can be found at, but it belongs to the field of blindness. The calendar is a place people or organizations can share information about events taking place across the country.

New Director of the APH ConnectCenter

APH has hired Olaya Landa-Vialard as the new Director of the APH ConnectCenter. As a long-time educator, professor, and author, she has the expertise and energy needed to make the ConnectCenter an even greater resource.

CSUN 2021 Conference to be Entirely Virtual

Next year, the 2021 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will be an entirely virtual event. CSUN stated that although this was not an easy decision, the Center on Disabilities team, with input from CSUN advisors and conference colleagues were confident that this was the right way forward after considering all options.

The team anticipates that there will be questions about what the 2021 CSUN Conference will look like, and they ask for patience and cooperation as they shift planning and begin to work on this new format.

The CSUN conference website will be updated throughout the coming months as new details are finalized, and the Conference Team encourages you to check back frequently.

Important Note: All Calls for Presentations will proceed as usual. As a reminder, the General Call for Presentations is September 10-29 and the Call for Pre-Conference Workshops is August 20–September 29. Information on procedures for the Calls will be communicated shortly so you are encouraged to check the conference website and make sure you are on the conference mailing list for news specific to the Calls for Presentations.

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