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Before I begin this month's Editor's Page, I would like to begin with a message from AFB Centennial sponsor, Willis Towers Watson.

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It's that time of year again, when the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference brings us the latest in technology access, both assistive and mainstream. We do not have an article on CSUN this year, but I would like to direct you to the Blind Bargains CSUN conference coverage podcasts sponsored by AccessWorld. Blind Bargains is operated by AccessWorld author J.J. Meddaugh and the conference coverage series brings you an in-depth look at the new developments from the CSUN exhibit hall each year. If you prefer to read instead of listen, each podcast also has a text transcript available.

We would normally also be bringing you details of AFB's annual Leadership Conference around this time, but with the pandemic and AFB reaching its 100th year of operation, we are bringing you a series of virtual events throughout the entire year. Each event is also recorded so you will be able to watch it at your leisure. The next event will be occurring on Thursday, April 22 at 2:00 Eastern and is titled The Inclusive Power of Music. This event features multi-instrumentalist Matthew Whitaker, who is the first person who is blind to be accepted to Juilliard's jazz studies program. Our May event will take place on May 27, 2:00 PM Eastern time. The title of this event is The Power of Gratitude and Joy: A Conversation with Rebecca Alexander. Alexander is a psychotherapist and extreme athlete who also has combined severe hearing and vision loss from Usher Syndrome type III. Remember that you can see the full schedule and watch previous events at the AFB 100 events website.

You may also notice that the AccessWorld homepage is different beginning with this issue. I have remodeled the page so that recent articles are in the first row, popular articles are in the second, and static items, like Back Issues, are in the third. The button to take you to the most recent issue is still present, just located before the rows of content.

As always, I am eager to hear from AccessWorld readers. If you have a thought on a published article, an article idea, want to give your take on an issue or bring our attention to a specific subject, or anything else related to technology or AccessWorld, I am happy to hear it. You can send an email directly to me at

To close, I would like to thank you all for reading AccessWorld. The fact that so many of you find value in the content we produce makes it all worthwhile.


Aaron Preece

AccessWorld Editor and Chief

American Foundation for the Blind

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