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With over two decades of expertise in digital inclusion, our Client Solutions has a proven track record of bringing usability and equitable access to the forefront of accessibility. We empower organizations across industries to provide people with disabilities equal access to digital products, services, and experiences.

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Why Digital Inclusion Matters

Elevate Your Products

Accessibility can help you gain an advantage by ensuring your digital products, services, and experiences can be reached and used by everyone

Mitigate Risk

Avoid exposure by ensuring your content and products are fully protected and compliant to the latest WCAG guidelines

Foster Inclusivity

Making a commitment to accessibility enhances your brand reputation through demonstrating an investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion

"We had no idea where to begin with our digital inclusion journey. AFB's Client Solutions coached us through the process and helped us develop a roadmap to setting and achieving our accessibility goals. We explored several options and chose AFB for its emphasis on usability, including people with disabilities in the process, and their mission-driven non-profit status. We couldn't be happier with the progress we've made, thanks to AFB."
- Kenneth Sampson
VP Product for major e-commerce retailer

Exploring Our Work in Accessibility

Partner with Us

We're developing the AFB Talent Lab, a new program for design and engineering college students as well as adults with disabilities, with the goal of training a new generation of industry professionals in authentic, inclusive digital design. Contact us to learn how your organization can partner with us ton this exciting new project!