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Government web site for people with disabilities

In October 2001, the Labor Department of the U.S. government will launch a web site,, as part of President George W. Bush's New Freedom Initiative, which is intended to increase education, employment, and housing opportunities for Americans with disabilities. DisabilityDirect is designed to offer services online on the local, rather than the federal, level, and visitors enter the site by entering their ZIP code and selecting the category of service they require. For more information, contact: U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Public Affairs, 200 Constitution Avenue NW, Room S-1032, Washington, DC 20210; phone: 202-693-4650; web site:

Book on Windows

Dr. Sarah Morley, author of Windows 95 Explained, has written the next installment, Windows 98 Explained, with Anna Dresner. The book, which is published by National Braille Press, is available in braille, cassette, disk, or large-print format for $7. Designed for computer users who are familiar with basic Windows concepts, the book includes information to help the visually impaired reader use Windows 98 effectively, such as how to turn off features that can interfere with speech and braille access. For more information, contact: National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115; phone: 800-548-7323 or 617-266-6160, extension 20; e-mail:; web site:

Video magnifier

Clarity Solutions offers the CLARITY af FLEX video magnifier. The 'flex arm' auto-focus magnifier's features include: push-button switches, ergonomic and lightweight design, distance viewing feature, compatibility with computer magnification software, and split screen for viewing both magnified text and computer data. The FLEX with a 14-inch arm, reading table, and color screen costs $2,195; the black-and-white version costs $1,695. A long-arm version with a 30-inch arm and clamp mount costs $2,295. For more information, contact: Clarity Solutions; phone: 800-575-1456; e-mail:; web site:


I see a world of music and art, technology and information.

I see a world where I surf upon an ocean of words.

I see a world that doesn't care that I am blind.


The first screen reader to bring complete Internet access to your ears. As easy to use as your favorite word processor.

There's a whole world out there. A world wide web. And we're out to make it available to everyone.

With Window-Eyes, not only can you access all your favorite word processing programs, but virtually any web site as well. And with Windows 95 and 98 compatibility, plus the ability to read more internet screens then our nearest competitor, it's the most versatile product of its kind.

Just log onto for more information or a free demo.

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GW Micro

The Voice of Vision

725 Airport North Office Park

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

(219) 489-3671 Fax (219) 489-2608


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