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December is the month when we traditionally reflect on the past year while offering thanks for the many acts of kindness and support that periodically appear in our lives. Reflecting on 2010, I recognize that JVIB has continued to improve by seeking new and exciting opportunities to increase our impact on the field. Two major milestones in the life of JVIB this past year have been the kind support of the Council of Schools for the Blind (COSB) and the new relationship we have developed with the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP).

COSB has supported JVIB through a generous donation that helps to sustain the costs of making this 100-plus-year-old journal available to professionals around the world. All of the staff associated with JVIB are overwhelmed by the generosity of COSB, and we thank this organization for its continued support.

The second major event of the year was the formal affiliation between ACVREP and AFB Press, whereby the journal provides articles for continuing education credit to ACVREP members. Rarely in life do we encounter a total win-win situation, but I am pleased to say this arrangement is a win for the journal and the members of ACVREP alike. In addition to attending conferences, publishing, and taking classes, ACVREP members can now read the literature published in JVIB to receive continuing education credit. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to expand the readership of our high-quality research while increasing the continuing education opportunities for members of ACVREP.

The list of thanks goes to several groups of people. To Stuart Wittenstein, an exceptionally talented chair of the JVIB Editorial Advisory Board, and his board members, I thank you for your time and expertise. The staff of AFB Press work tirelessly and anonymously to support the journal. My thanks to Natalie Hilzen, Rebecca Burrichter, Ellen Bilofsky, and Jenese Croasdale for their gentle guidance and unconditional support. The associate editors of the journal, Maureen Duffy, Jane Erin, Carol Farrenkopf, and Ellen Trief, manage the manuscripts by applying their professional expertise and editorial judgment, resulting in the high quality of manuscripts that are ultimately published in JVIB. My assistant, Kyoko Fujiwara is the glue that holds it all together. I can't begin to describe the value of her contribution to this journal and can't imagine it all working without her. Finally, a journal can only exist because of two core groups, authors and readers. As measured by the number of submissions each year, JVIB has never been a stronger journal. Of course with the dramatic increase of submissions comes an equally dramatic increase in the number of rejected manuscripts. This has increased the prestige of the journal while making it harder than ever for an author to have a manuscript accepted for publication. I thank the authors for their persistence and continued willingness to submit to JVIB. Last, but certainly not least, I thank you, the reader. Without you none of this would be possible nor would it make any sense. After all, authors write and we publish for the purpose of sharing information with our readers. I am so very fortunate to be serving as the editor in chief of this wonderful journal and am blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful community. Thanks to all of you.

This December 2010 issue of JVIB presents some of our best thinkers and leaders on the topic of braille. For those of you involved with braille instruction, I'm certain you will be stimulated by it. The issue concludes with an insightful commentary from our COSB partners on the expanded core curriculum and the reauthorization of IDEA.

Happy holidays.

Duane Geruschat, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief

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