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Remembering the Birthday of Louis Braille

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Comparing the Accessibility and Screen Enhancement Features of Google Android Lollipop 5.0 and Apple iOS 8.1.1 for People with Low Vision

by John Rempel

It can be argued that Apple has represented the gold standard of accessibility for some time now. It is reassuring to see Google taking accessibility more seriously with its more recent Android releases that include Magnification Gestures and color inversion.

A Review of the Odin VI: An Accessible Feature Phone from Odin Mobile

by Bill Holton

The Odin VI was designed from the ground up to be low- or no-vision accessible. It can be purchased either with an Odin Mobile service plan, starting at a cost of $10 per month, or unlocked for use with any GSM service provider, including AT&T or T-Mobile.

News from the Field

A Second Decade for Serotek

by Deborah Kendrick

You may be asking, "Is Serotek here to stay or going away?" AccessWorld brings you the real story, as well as the Serotek road map for its foreseeable future.

Television Accessibility

Is Accessible TV Viewing Finally on Its Way?

by Bill Holton

This article summarizes upcoming accessible device standards required of all new TV sets, cable boxes, and DVRs manufactured after December 2016.

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