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Conference Coverage

The Apple 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote

by Janet Ingber

Apple recently held its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Before the conference, many in the tech community were making predictions about new features for new Apple operating systems. This year's WWDC was all about software.

Access Issues

VFO and Computers for the Blind Partner for Low-Cost, Accessible Computers

by Bill Holton

Recently, Computers for the Blind (CFTB) partnered with VFO to offer a free annual license from Freedom Scientific with their computers.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Writing Your Way: Composing and Editing on an iPhone or iPad, by Judy Dixon

by Deborah Kendrick

Once again, Judy Dixon and National Braille Press have produced a book that will appeal to the iPhone novice and power user alike. Every reader will find some new trick or tidbit in these pages and will find reading this book to be a pleasant journey.

Product Reviews and Guides

Pinterest Takes Steps Toward Accessibility

by Jamie Pauls

For anyone who wishes to learn to use Pinterest, they will find the service to be worth the effort. The learning curve is steep, though, as Pinterest's efforts towards accessibility thus far represent more of a toe dip than a deep dive.

Connectivity with Compromise: A Review of LVI's MagniLink Zip Video Magnifier

by Shelly Brisbin

The MagniLink Zip offers all the features of other magnifiers in its size and price class, and a few unique ones. It's reasonably compact and easy to control. The unit does, however, have a few deficits that make it hard to recommend without some reservations.

Scratch That: A Review of the New Notetaking Feature on the Focus Fifth Generation Braille Displays

by Scott Davert

Recently, The VFO Group released a firmware update that introduced the Scratchpad application for its 5th Generation Focus 14 and 40 braille displays.

Reviewing Charts and Graphs with SAS Accessibility

by Bill Holton

Several years ago, developers led by SAS Director of Accessibility Ed Summers began looking for ways to make charts and graphs more accessible to those with visual impairments—not just their own charts, but others' as well. They've made some recent enhancements. Let's look at, or, we should say, listen to their progress.

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