AFB CareerConnect Launches New Blog


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Are you ready for a blog full of career pointers, employment tips, job seeking advice, and CareerConnect updates (plus all kinds of related rambling) from yours truly; my colleague, Detra Bannister; CareerConnect Mentors; and a slew of friends out there? I hope so—because we have some exciting news!

Without further ado, here is the new CareerConnect blog! Our first post is up and running, and contains some important news—Lesson Plans for Professionals.

As a rule, I tend to “decorate” my posts with pop culture references and little in-jokes, but I’m not joking when tell you how excited I am about this new blog. I promise to try my hardest to control myself, stay on topic, and provide you all with thoughts, resources, and opinions from myself and others.

AFB once made me promise not to compare any public officials to specific cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Okay, I may have actually tried to do that, but it ended up being tailored around Christopher Columbus instead—much more politically correct. I may have to throw in some pop culture references like, "Did you see the last episode of Celebrity Apprentice? Man, the Donald had a pretty awesome finale.'You're hired!'" Just saying! Or, I could reference the penultimate episode of “The Office,” where Andy Bernard tries out for that reality television A cappella competition. Andy attempts to chase his dream and freaks out on the casting people. Advice for job seekers inserted: "Don't do that in an interview, with employers, or in public!" The only appropriate time for that type of freakout is... well, never!

So, if you like these kinds of rambling and references packed with great career-related resources and commentary from others, this is the blog for you!

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