Paul Schroeder

In the September 2011 issue of AccessWorld, I wrote a commentary about the future of accessibility in light of the ever-shifting flow of technological advancement.

I discuss how mobile information technology, rapidly developing apps, cloud computing, social networking and other developments will supplant the centrality of the PC, upend "traditional" entertainment equipment like TVs and stereos (remember walkmen?), and likely finalize the shift away from printed mediums like books and magazines. What remains in question, then, is how these changes will affect accessibility, and whether that will be for better or for worse.

Given the magnitude of this discussion, I wanted to invite you to a session I'll be hosting at the upcoming AER Information & Technology Division Conference in Cleveland at the end of October. Details on the conference, including how to register, can be found here: http://www.aerbvi.org

Here's a brief description of my session:

"Disruptive trends are shaping information and communication technology with the dramatic rise of mobile information technology, 'apps,' cloud computing, gaming technologies in education and social network-driven communication. How do we find practical solutions to the increasing needs among consumers with vision loss for accessible technology, including built-in accessibility?"

The AER Conference registration deadline is October 11, 2011. Please make sure to register for the meeting before then to take advantage of the less expensive rate! Again, you can register online at http://www.aerbvi.org. If you can't make it, I invite you to read and comment on the AccessWorld article at: </aw/12/9/15898>

I hope to see you there.

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