Connor Boss

A few weeks back, you might have seen features on ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, and other media outlets about the Miss Florida USA, contestant with a visual impairment called Stargardt's Disease. You may have heard that Connor Boss finished fourth overall in the competition, but won a few hearts and opened some eyes along the way. I saw her interview on Good Morning America and loved her upbeat attitude about life and her vision loss. Just from witnessing a few interviews that she conducted, I can tell that she will be successful in her life and future employment endeavors. You cannot teach the level of confidence and self-determination that she exudes. (Well, you can teach some of it through experience and quality teaching, but the level she demonstrates is above and beyond.)

Connor Boss was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions for AFB CareerConnect about her experiences. Personally, I am a bit biased, as she is beginning her college education at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I did my graduate work there, and I lived there again a few years later as I worked for the Florida state government.

As you may know, AFB CareerConnect has a section called "Our Stories," and it provides a glimpse into the successful transition of persons with vision loss into employment and life. There are close to 70 stories about our mentors and others that can be read or listened to. In addition to our interview with Connor Boss, we recently posted a great piece about a public relations specialist in New York City who speaks three languages and moved there from France. This motivated young man shows what it takes to succeed by making it happen. He is a perfect example of using transferable skills from one expertise to another. Go to "Our Stories" and read about successful individuals who are blind or visually impaired!

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