This Valentine’s Day, Send a Helen Keller eCard... and Other Gift Ideas for People with Vision Loss


A young adult Helen Keller, touching the leaves of a tree.

Perhaps AFB's most famous advocate said it best: "Cultivate love for love is the light that gives the eye to see great and noble things." With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Helen's wise words have never rung truer. In light of this upcoming special day, why not share the love with a Helen Keller eCard?

Our Helen Keller eCards are high contrast and large-print, featuring beautiful photos, with quotes from Helen. These electronic cards are accessible for people who are blind or have low vision, and allow you to type in your own personalized message. (They are also free to send.)

Whether it's your child sending a message to the grandparents or a pleasant surprise for that special someone, the Helen Keller greeting cards are a unique way to show someone you care.

That's not all we have in preparation for Valentine's Day. We have gift ideas for adults with visions loss at our partner site VisionAware. And if you're the parent of a child who is blind or visually impaired, be sure to visit our partner site FamilyConnect for gift and craft ideas for children with visual impairments.

As a "hidden" bonus for children, they can also send a "secret message" to their friends or family members in braille. This is a wonderful way for both children with visual impairments as well as their sighted peers to learn about braille. Simply visit our Braille Bug Secret Message page, type in a short message followed by the recipient's email address (younger children should ask their parents for help and permission) as well as your name, and send away!

Lady bug (Braille Bug) and magnifying glass, with text 'You have a secret message.'