A businessman with his arms outstretched, showing a number of electronic devices.

I am heading out to the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for my first visit. CES is a huge event, with just about every tech company (and a whole lot of non-traditional tech companies) showing off their new products. I'll try to let you know what I find regarding accessibility for people with vision loss. But first, a big shoutout of thanks to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) who is assisting AFB and the Hearing Loss Association of America to be able to get the most out of the show and meet with companies and find out what's going on regarding accessibility for people with disabilities. It's great to see associations like CEA working to directly gather feedback from consumers with disabilities about the usefulness of the products that their members make.

Today, I'm sitting in on a special Silver Summit which features presentations on technology for seniors and people with disabilities. I'm excited to hear what Vinton Cerf has to say in his keynote for the summit as he discusses “How the Internet and Users Have Grown Up Together.” And, the panel “Rethinking How We Interact With Technology Using Voice, Touch and Gesture,” which will include a speaker from Microsoft should also be interesting.

Of course, I'll make time to visit mobile phone makers to see what they have in store, and I am looking forward to learning about an innovative keypad concept from a company called Tactus.

Businessman showing technology photo courtesy of Shutterstock.