AFB's Inform and Connect series was created to foster togetherness and camaraderie within the blindness community through informal storytelling and learning about relevant, interesting topics.

Alexa Jovanovic, founder of Aille Design, is smiling and wearing a black t-shirt with Swarovski Crystal beading that reads “Fashion is for everyone.” The t-shirt with tactile Braille is available for purchase at

Alexa Jovanovic knew at age 10 that she wanted to work in fashion. Several years later, when she launched her own fashion business, she also adopted a personal business philosophy: That good design shouldn’t exclude anyone.

Jasmine Glass, founder of Spktrm Beauty, has always been committed to inclusion. In many ways, she says, “The products are really just a vehicle for connecting with people from different communities.”

Spktrm was born from her desire to transform and redefine beauty standards because, Glass says, “Since the beginning of the beauty industry, they've always been very harmful and exclusive. As I've been on this journey, I've realized so many new areas where the industry has been doing the least.”