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AccessWorld Classics: New Mainstream Features in iOS 17

On September 18, 2023, Apple released iOS 17 for iPhone and iPad. This new operating system has many changes for some very popular apps and features. This post will cover some of the major changes. Before upgrading, make sure your device is backed up and ensure it can use iOS 17. You can check compatibility with the list of compatible phones and iPads Apple has prepared. Also be sure to check the AppleVis Accessibility Bug Tracker to be sure any active bugs will not interfere with your usage…
Author Janet Ingber
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Apple Releases COVID-19 App and Website

By Janet Ingber, AccessWorld Author If you are searching for accurate and accessible information about coronavirus (COVID-19), one option is to use Apple’s new COVID-19 app and website. These were created in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The app and website contain the same information. The app is free and requires iOS 13.1 or later. At the top of the first screen in the app…

Guide Dogs, Pets, and the Coronavirus

Woman with yellow lab guide dog, sitting outside on the grass
By Janet Ingber, AccessWorld Author As we all deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to consider the safety of our guide dogs and companion animals. The Animal Medical Center in New York City provides answers to many questions. It employs over 100 veterinarians and is the largest non-profit animal hospital in the world. Below is a summary of its information. Author’s note: The terms “companion animals” and “pets” are used throughout this blog post. Since guide dogs are dogs, this…