a person's hands inserting a testing strip into a blood glucose meter

Diabetes is a complex condition that, if not carefully managed and treated, can lead to complications such as diabetic retinopathy, which can cause "blind spots," blurring, and vision loss. The American Foundation for the Blind, in honor of National Diabetes Month, has gathered key resources to help you care for yourself when you have diabetes and vision loss. Please share these 8 critical resources on diabetes and diabetic retinopathy:

  1. Read more about it: AFB's Guide to Living with Diabetes and Vision Loss is also available in Spanish: La diabetes y la pérdida de visión.
  2. Listen and learn: Be sure to also check out the free audio lectures on Diabetes the Basics, with Seven Lessons on Self Care, and Eating Healthily with Diabetes, a lecture given by Sabrina Marvel, RN and Diabetes Educator.
  3. Explore VisionAware.org: AFB's website for adults who are losing their sight, VisionAware™, has comprehensive information on diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, including symptoms of diabetic eye disease, tips for managing your diabetes, finding support, and the availability of specialized low vision and vision rehabilitation services to help people with diabetic retinopathy live productive and satisfying lives.
  4. Find support online: You can share advice and ask questions on our Diabetic Retinopathy forum, and read more about it on the VisionAware blog and the Peer Perspectives on Living With Vision Loss blog.
  5. Get accessible devices for managing your diabetes: If you have experienced vision loss and are trying to monitor your blood glucose levels, learn more about the available talking blood glucose meters, insulin pens, and insulin pumps evaluated by AFB Tech. The AFB Product Database also is a good resource for accessible devices that help you manage your health.
  6. Discover resources for professionals: FREE Diabetic Retinopathy Lecture from the AFB eLearning Center, with ACVREP and CRCC continuing education credits available for just $25.
  7. Get physical: Learn more about Physical Issues Relating to Diabetes and Visual Impairment.
  8. Get a leg up: Find out how to prevent Diabetic Foot Disorders.

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