Amir Rahimi. Amir Rahimi joined AFB in August 2019 as a major gifts specialist. He chose the job, in part, because after losing his vision at age 25, it was AFB that gave him the confidence to pursue a fulfilling life after a period of depression. AFB’s CareerConnect website (now stewarded by American Printing House for the Blind at paired Amir with a mentor who was also blind and who inspired him to get the training he needed to live independently and find the right career. After a few years in communications, he began working in fundraising and discovered a passion for it — especially when it centered on helping people with disabilities, and particularly those with visual impairments. When the job opened up at AFB, Amir knew it was the perfect fit: He would be working for the organization that helped him and assisting others in living a life of no limits.

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Amir Rahimi: My White Cane Journey

October 14, 2021
Editor’s note: In the United States, October 15 is celebrated as White Cane Awareness Day — originally established as White Cane Safety Day by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. White canes are a powerful mobility tool and symbol of independence for people who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision. In 2011, President Barack Obama also referred to White Cane Safety Day as Blind Americans Equality Day. In honor of White Cane Awareness Day, Amir Rahimi, AFB’s Major Donor and Corporate…