Accessible Fitness Tools

March 26, 2020
Senior woman watching online workout tutorials on smartphone and exercising at home.
Steve Kelley, AccessWorld Author On the one hand, we want to stay healthy, and adhere to the suggestions that we limit our exposure to groups of people, and maintain a social distance, in the new world of coronavirus. But with gyms closing down to comply with stay-at-home orders, staying healthy might be looking a little more challenging. What are the options, short of retrofitting our homes with gym equipment? Audio-described fitness routines might be the answer! The Hadley discussion group…

Have it Delivered! Accessible Grocery and Food Delivery During Coronavirus Quarantine

March 25, 2020
Smartphone in the foreground with a generic food delivery app on the screen. In the background is a shopping basket of food.
By Bill Holton, AccessWorld Author You’re following advice and staying home. But you still need food, medicines, and other essentials. It’s time to start thinking about delivery. And of course, when it comes to delivery, most people start with If you haven't subscribed to Amazon Prime, now might be a good time to get started. Most readily available items are delivered in two business days. Some items are delivered in one business day and, in larger cities, there's even a…

Guide Dogs, Pets, and the Coronavirus

March 24, 2020
Woman with yellow lab guide dog, sitting outside on the grass
By Janet Ingber, AccessWorld Author As we all deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to consider the safety of our guide dogs and companion animals. The Animal Medical Center in New York City provides answers to many questions. It employs over 100 veterinarians and is the largest non-profit animal hospital in the world. Below is a summary of its information. Author’s note: The terms “companion animals” and “pets” are used throughout this blog post. Since guide dogs are dogs, this…

Maintaining Connection with Telephone Support Groups

March 23, 2020
By Steve Kelley, AccessWorld Author Social distancing may be just what the doctor is ordering to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, but this same distancing may contribute to the social isolation many people experience with vision loss. For those that look forward to a low vision support group that meets face-to-face, this loss of support may be particularly difficult. There’s nothing like getting together in person with people you know, who share a common experience, and supporting one…

AFB Is Fighting to Protect Rights of Blind and Low Vision Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 23, 2020
During this national period of quarantine due to the novel coronavirus, many US schools have instituted distance learning programs that allow students to continue their education at home. This change should prevent students from losing important academic skills—for example, in reading and math—and ensure that they are prepared to advance to the following grade in the fall. Last week, Senator Lamar Alexander stated that the Department of Education should consider allowing states to…

Combat the Tedium of COVID-19 Quarantine with Accessible Games

March 20, 2020
on a table are a gaming joystick controller, mouse, keyboard, and headphones representing the different type of game controls available.
There are a number of games that were designed for the sighted population but which have been made accessible to blind people using screen reading technology.
By Jamie Pauls, AccessWorld Author In 2003, I was in a motorcycle accident with my dad and found myself instantly going from a really busy summer schedule to having absolutely nothing on my agenda at all. While the COVID-19 quarantine isn’t exactly the same, I do see some similarities. While watching the news is important, I find that I need to limit my exposure so as not to become overwhelmed with too much unpleasant information. There are many things one can do to combat the stress and…

Assistance May be Right Nextdoor!

March 20, 2020
Editor's Note: We asked our AccessWorld contributors to create AFB Blog posts to provide support to our readers during the coronavirus saga. These posts will address topics such as accessible medical devices, accessible work-from-home solutions, online learning for students and adults, accessible social gaming, staying connected with others digitally, keeping technology and workspaces sanitary, home fitness resources, and more. By Bill Holton, AccessWorld Author You are doubtlessly familiar…

5 Accessibility Actions You Can Take When You’re Moving Your Conference or Classes Online

March 17, 2020
computer keyboard with one key depicting an icon of a person who is blind, walking with a long cane
With COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the news, organizations like AFB are taking steps to flatten the curve. From shifting events from live to virtual, and shutting down schools, to restricting approved business travel, everyone is now looking to make more training materials available online. As we move our interactions to the digital space, it is important we bring the same inclusive lens to our decision-making as we do when planning face-to-face interactions that use technology. “Agencies are…

Thank You, Friends

March 13, 2020
Photo of Kirk Adams
Kirk Adams, AFB President & CEO
Dear Friends: I wanted to take a moment to thank you. After making the decision earlier this week to cancel our events, we received an outpouring of positive messages and support from so many of you. Your kindness and understanding at this time mean more than we can express. Our community has always been strong and incredibly generous, but this week, we were reminded of just how strong our bonds are. From those of you who donated your registration fees and gala tickets back to us, to our…

Isaac Lidsky brings his "eyes wide open" philosophy to Huntington community

March 2, 2020
Isaac Lidsky addresses audience at Marshall University.
Isaac Lidsky addresses the audience during a special speaking engagement at Marshall University.
On February 25, members of Marshall University and the local business community of Huntington, WV were treated to an informative and entertaining evening at the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center with engaging speaker and accomplished author, Isaac Lidsky. Through speaking engagements—such as his TED Talks—and within the pages of his New York Times bestseller, “Eyes Wide Open,” Lidsky shared his experiences of overcoming personal and professional challenges as a person with a visual…
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